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Development of Geomview used a shared CVS repository on Sourceforge. In November 2017, Souceforge deprecated CVS use, turning off write commits and the cvsweb code browser. Read cvs access is still available from CVS clients.

Here are archival copies of everything in the CVS repository. Code is also available from the Geomview github repository.
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[   ]geomview-2017-11-24.tar.gz24-Nov-2017 05:09 2.4M 
[   ]geomview-cvsbackup-2017-11-24.tar.gz24-Nov-2017 04:54 8.0M 
[   ]geomview-svndump.gz24-Nov-2017 04:55 37M 
[   ]gv1-emodules-2017-11-24.tar.gz24-Nov-2017 05:09 95K 
[   ]gv2-2017-11-24.tar.gz24-Nov-2017 05:09 376K 
[   ]maniview-2017-11-24.tar.gz24-Nov-2017 05:09 56K 
[   ]orrery-2017-11-24.tar.gz24-Nov-2017 05:10 1.5M