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Contributing to Geomview's Development

If you are interested in contributing to the development of Geomview, there are several things you can do:

  1. Volunteer programming work.

    If you are a programmer and make an improvement to Geomview, contact the other geomview authors by sending a note to the geomview-users mailing list (see

  2. Contract with Geometry Technologies.

    Geometry Technologies, Inc. is a consulting firm that provides contract technical support and custom programming services in the area of 3D graphics. This includes a wide range of services related to 3D graphics, included but not limited to applications involving Geomview. To the extent that resources allow, Geometry Technologies supports the developement of Geomview; in particular it hosts the web site, and its staff make ongoing improvements to Geomview itself. If you are in a position to pay for technical support or custom programming work, contracting with Geometry Technologies indirectly supports Geomview. You can also contract with with Geometry Technologies to have particular features that you want added to Geomview, or to port Geomview to a new platform. For more information see Geometry Technologies web site at

Thank you.