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9 Mathematica Graphics in Geomview or RenderMan

Geomview comes with some Mathematica packages that let you use use Geomview to display Mathematica graphics. Mathematica is a commercial mathematical software system available from Wolfram Research, Inc.

There are two ways to do this.

  1. Use Mathematica to write a graphics object to a file in OOGL format or in RIB format.
  2. Use Geomview as the default display for all 3D graphics output in Mathematica.
You can also use these packages to save Mathematica graphics in RenderMan (RIB) format.

Since the format of Mathematica graphics objects is different from the OOGL formats, both of these methods involve translating Mathematica graphics to OOGL format. Geomview is distributed with a Mathematica package which does this translation. Before doing either of the above you must install this package.