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7.2.53 hdelete

(hdelete [geometry|camera|window|appearance|image|transform|ntransform] name)
Deletes the given handle. Note that the handle will not actually be deleted in case there are still other objects referring to the handle, but once those objects are gone, the handle will also automatically go away. The object the handle referes to (if any) will only be deleted if there are no other references to that object.

If the optional first argument is omitted, then the first handle matching name will be deleted, regardless of the type of the object it is attached to. It is not an error to call this function with a non-existent handle, but it is an error to call this funcion with the name of a non-global handle, i.e. one that was not created by (hdefine ...) or (read ... { define ...}). See References. See (read ...). See (hdefine ...).