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7.2.144 write

(write {command|geometry|camera|transform|ntransform|window} FILENAME [ID|(ID ...)] [self|world|universe|otherID])
write description of ID in given format to FILENAME. Last parameter chooses coordinate system for geometry & transform: self: just the object, no transformation or appearance (geometry only) world: the object as positioned within the World. universe: object's position in universal coordinates; includes Worldtransform other ID: the object transformed to otherID's coordinate system.

A filename of - is a special case: data are written to the stream from which the 'write' command was read. For external modules, the data are sent to the module's standard input. For commands not read from an external program, - means geomview's standard output (see (command ...)).

The ID can either be a single id or a parenthesized list of ids, like g0 or (g2 g1