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4.3.6 window

A window object specifies size, position, and other window-system related information about a window in a device-independent way.

The syntax for a window object is:

     window ::=
     	[ "window" ]			(optional keyword)
     	  [ "{" ]			(curly brace, often required)
     	    			(any of the following, in any order)
     		"size"  <xsize> <ysize>
     				(size of the window)
     		"position"  <xmin> <xmax> <ymin> <ymax>
     				(position & size)
     				(specifies the window should
     				 have no window border)
     		"pixelaspect"  <aspect>
     			    (specifies the true visual aspect ratio
     			     of a pixel in this window in the sense
     			     xsize/ysize, normally 1.0.
     			     For stereo hardware which stretches the
     			     display vertically by a factor of 2,
     			     ``pixelaspect 0.5'' might do.
     			     The value is used when computing the
     			     projection of a camera associated with
     			     this window.)
     	  [ "}" ]			(matching closebrace)

Window objects are used in the Geomview window and ui-panel commands to set default properties for future windows or to change those of an existing window. See (window ...). See (ui-panel ...).

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7.2.142 window

(window CAM-ID WINDOW)
Specify attributes for the window of CAM-ID, e.g. its size or initial position, in the OOGL Window syntax. The special CAM-ID default specifies properties of future windows (created by camera or new-camera).